Aiuto, Kyla portrait

Kyla Aiuto serves as a member of the GHG Protocol Secretariat team from the World Resources Institute (WRI) supporting the research and stakeholder process to revise the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance. Prior to joining WRI, Kyla worked with the Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI) to investigate the various market system updates needed to enable a broader range of clean electricity procurement options that optimize the systemic decarbonization impact of energy buyers’ procurement decisions. In addition, Kyla previously served as an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellow at PepsiCo, focusing on CDP Supply Chain data analysis to develop supplier engagement action plans for reducing PepsiCo’s scope 3 emissions. Kyla holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University where she focused on life-cycle assessment studies and clean energy project finance. She currently resides in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 


Serra, Nadir portrait

Nadir Serra is currently the Head of Brokering at Commerg Srl, one of the leading Brokerage firms in the environmental certificates market and GO price reporting.

At Commerg, he managed the Maltese desk of brokers till 2020 and then opened the second office of the company in Brussels. He started his career in the private equity sector in Belgium. 

He specializes in facilitating trades in the wholesale EACs market and develops new products and business lines. He studied Economics and Business Management in Italy, Canada, and UK. 


Latini, Patricia portrait

Patricia has over 15 years of experience and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a focus on business and foreign trade and a Technical Degree in Industrial Mechanics. She leads Schneider Electric Sustainability Business’s Global Environmental Commodities Operations staff and all EC service lines. Schneider’s Global EC Operations team is on the supply side engaging with global suppliers to procure all types of unbundled EACs and voluntary carbon offsets on behalf of its clients. This team is responsible for the delivery of strategy and advisory services around environmental commodities as well. Patricia is also the Co-Founder of a new venture sponsored by Schneider Electric, GRAIN – The Carbon Offset Ecosystem, that focuses on accelerating the generation of carbon removal offsets in the market. 


Liakopoulou, Mariana portrait

Mariana Liakopoulou is a Markets and Policy Associate working in the EU liaison office of the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET). In this capacity, she undertakes analysis on topics related to the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market Package, as well as legislative proposals and Guidance documents stemming from the recast Renewable Energy Directive and the EU ETS framework, including in the context of certification of renewable and low-carbon gases. She moreover focuses on policies and regulations related to the French and Greek gas and power markets, supporting the work of the pertinent EFET Task Forces. She also serves as an Energy Security Research Analyst with the NATO Association of Canada (NAOC), producing works on energy policy in the Caspian region and the gasification of Southeast and Central, and Eastern Europe. Formerly, she was a consultant and member of the Roster of Experts of the Energy Community Secretariat. She has also completed an internship in the Director’s office of the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (EU ACER). She started out as Energy Research Fellow with Caspian Policy Center (Washington DC.) Her publication record comprises works for various industry sources and journals, including the Palgrave Macmillan, International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), the United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE), Natural Gas World, the NATO ENSEC COE’s “Energy Highlights” journal, European Gas Hub and Gulf Intelligence. She is a graduate of the School of Economics and Political Science of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, holding a Master’s in International Relations and European Studies. Her Master’s thesis looks into the European Commission’s strategy toward the Fourth/ Southern Gas Corridor in correlation with the legal status of the Caspian Sea.   


Lim, Kevin portrait

Kevin Lim previously worked in the power generation industry in Australia, mainly in an engineering asset management role for fossil-fired unitsHe joined the green transition by returning to study in 2016, undertaking a Master’s in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Kevin has been working at Veyt (previously Greenfact) as an analyst and data scientist, focusing on Guarantees of Origin in power and gas contexts. 


Lindberg, Tom portrait

Tom firmly believes that building profitable businesses goes hand in hand with creating sustainable societies. As CEO of Ecohz, he works to facilitate companies’ shift to net zero and to shape systems that allow as many as possible to join the energy transition. Corporate engagement demands a growing toolkit of sustainability solutions. Thus, he develops strategies that challenge the traditional power industry and spurs climate action by generating business value. 

Tom also serves as a board member of RECS International and The International REC Standard and as Chairman of the Board of Ecohz Renewable Energy Foundation. He has been involved in advancing the Guarantees of Origin system in Europe and I-REC internationally and works to construct innovative financing mechanisms that contribute directly to building new renewable power plants. 


Macrae, Michael  portrait

Michael Macrae works with the World Resources Institute (WRI) as a member of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Secretariat facilitating the review and update process for the Scope 2 Guidance. Prior to WRI, he led the development and execution of Enel North America’s market advocacy and regulatory strategy for the Northeast region of the United States, ensuring and enabling the growth of distributed energy resources, renewable generation and storage assets, demand response, and electric vehicle infrastructure solutions. Michael has also worked with Harvard University, managing the University’s wholesale and retail electricity market participation, and developing energy procurement strategies to meet future energy supply, environmental, and sustainability needs. He held several leadership positions in that capacity, including Vice Chair of the NEPOOL End User Sector, Vice Chair of the NEPOOL-GIS working group, and a member of the joint nominating committee for the ISO-NE Board of Directors. With Harvard, he also oversaw the University’s state and federal regulatory air compliance programs, including permitting a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit and a new District Energy Facility as well as managing Harvard’s voluntary Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG inventory. He currently serves on his town’s Municipal Light Board of Directors and teaches courses on corporate carbon accounting and GHG inventory management at Harvard University. Michael earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, San Diego, and his BS in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle. 


Mickovska, Trajanka portrait

Trajanka Mickovska is an accomplished professional in the energy industry with over four years of experience in various roles, with key experiences in process optimization, digital transformation and energy trading. Currently, she’s working as a Junior Originator at Statkraft Markets GmbH, with a main focus on Guarantees of Origin within the German Downstream Origination team. 

As a panelist for this conference, Trajanka can offer valuable insights into the issuance of Guarantees of Origin, as well as contribute to a meaningful discussion on its challenges and opportunities from a corporate perspective. 


Miller, Doug portrait

Doug Miller is a systems entrepreneur with over a decade of clean energy industry experience. Currently, Doug leads CEBI’s Next Generation Carbon-Free Electricity Initiative to advance systemic electric grid decarbonization through an evolution across global voluntary markets and the procurement solutions available to energy customers. Previously, Doug oversaw innovative, open-source clean energy technology development, business models, and deployment models in his roles at the nonprofits Energy Web and RMI. He also co-founded Zero Labs, a clean energy tech startup. Doug holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and a BA in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), and Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania with top academic honors and awards for his research applying behavioral economics to climate action. 


Monteiro, Matheus portrait

Matheus is a Portfolio Manager with over 7 years of experience across banking, data science, and procurement & trading in and around various sustainability topics. Together with the Procurement & Trading team, he manages South Pole’s portfolio of traded and at-own-risk projects. By building a solid network of long-term-oriented partnerships and determining go-to-market strategies, his responsibilities involve securing competitive, high-quality, and diverse supply options at the global level. Before South Pole, he held the position of Senior Sustainability Advisor at one of the main European environmental commodities trading houses, focused on PPAs and the EU ETS. Prior to that, he conducted fieldwork in the Brazilian Amazon in partnership with UNDP/GEF and worked at Google as a product developer. Matheus earned his MSc in International Development & Environmental Governance from the University of Amsterdam, and his BS in International Relations at the Pontifical Catholic University of Goias. 


Nair, Nadiya  portrait

Nadiya Nair has always been an advocate for sustainable development. After working for 4 years in the financial sector, she decided to pursue her Master’s in Energy specializing in energy storage systems. Upon graduating, she worked across Europe in various domains from renewable energy to carbon markets. She currently spearheads the development for renewable energy and carbon markets for ACT Commodities in the Asia Pacific Region. 


Pentner, Timo   portrait

Timo is a Managing Director at CerQlar Solutions Group where he focuses on building a great product and company by finding, developing, and enabling top talent to drive continuous growth for years to come. With over 20 years of experience managing and improving global operations in financial software development environments, Timo transitioned to the world of sustainability and environmental commodities. Together with some of the best and most experienced players in the market, he built the industry’s first cloud-native post-trade management and settlement solution for the European GO market. CerQlar is initiating a process transformation in the environmental commodities market by focusing on automation, streamlining communications, and kicking off important integration efforts across various service lines. Through CerQlar’s play on the energy certificates market, he is committed to driving innovation, transformation, and collaboration to create a more sustainable future. 

Timo’s main areas of expertise include employee development and coaching, continuous process improvement, product design and management, operations excellence, and client service. He is passionate about driving positive change in the industry and is committed to making a meaningful impact. 


Rodriguez, Manuela   portrait

Manuela is a Legal Counsel at CerQlar Solutions Group where she focuses on commercial matters and the developing regulatory landscape shaping the renewable energy markets. She started her career in New York and relocated to the Netherlands about 20 years ago. Manuela has held senior legal positions at various global organizations across industries including technology, financial services, and consumer goods. She holds Master’s degrees in European Private Law and International Development from the University of Amsterdam.  

Next to her role at CerQlar Solutions Group, Manuela is a lecturer of European Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. 


Sanghvi, Naman portrait

Naman Sanghvi is a Business Developer at Statkraft’s Global Environment Markets desk. Statkrat is 100% Norwegian state-owned and is one of Europe’s largest renewable energy companies. At Statkraft, Naman focuses on the Origination and trading of various environmental products such as carbon offsets, I-RECs, etc. across the world. Naman has 12+ years of experience across renewable energy and environmental products. Naman has an MBA from the University of Oxford and a mechanical & energy engineering degree from VIT University. 


Seebach, Dominik portrait

Dominik Seebach is Deputy Head of Oeko-Institut’s Energy & Climate Division (Freiburg) and has been working in this field as a researcher and project coordinator since 2005, following previous activities at ifeu-Institut for Energy and Environment (Heidelberg, Germany) and at the EC DG JRC (Ispra, Italy). 

Due to his manifold research and consultancy projects on the national and on a European level, he has proficient expertise in the field of RES-E markets and the role of consumers in the context of additionality. This includes electricity fuel mix disclosure, tracking systems for electricity (e.g. guarantees of origin), voluntary green electricity markets, accounting of green electricity in carbon footprints, and green electricity labelling. Dominik has coordinated relevant projects on the European level, including the IEE-funded European project „Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe – Phase II“ (RE-DISS II). Furthermore, he has been responsible for the implementation and operation of the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) in Germany (until 2013) and is Chair of the Board of EnergieVision e.V., a non-profit organisation applying the ok-power label for green electricity in Germany. More recently, he has extended his field of activities also on the emerging sector of hydrogen certification. 


Sharma, Naveen portrait

Mr. Naveen Sharma, Whole Time Director at EKI Energy Services Ltd. is playing a leadership role in transforming the ecosystem to capitalize on the emerging business landscape. Naveen is especially passionate and committed to breaking down barriers. Naveen believes that selling is a process-driven, empathy-led and knowledge-intensive discipline. He has been associated with EKI for over 12 years and is responsible for running major facets of the business. Translating business strategy into actionable goals for the growth of the company, Naveen proves that the land of success is owned by doers. He prides himself on rapidly assessing market opportunity, building superior teams, understanding the value of a customer, and driving consistently exceptional results. He believes passionately in leading by example and has proven experience in delivering a positive business impact. He is a creative genius with thought-provoking ideas and carries the determination to take action toward those ideas. He has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic at EKI along with a commitment to success. He possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense. Naveen holds an MBA degree with – Specialization in Upstream Asset Management and along with vast work experience, he has also undertaken umpteen projects and completed them successfully. At EKI, he is responsible for looking after Carbon Offsets Trading and has traded more than 50 million credits to date. 


Klesse, Eva portrait

Since 2015, Eva Klesse has been working at KlimaInvest, a leading renewable energy provider in Germany, with a strategic focus on guarantees of origin, innovative renewable electricity projects, carbon-neutral gas products, and other emission reduction products. Eva is an experienced key account manager and leads one of the sales teams at KlimaInvest. Here she develops sustainable solutions for utilities and corporate clients in Germany. Her focus is on the transformation of utilities and their products towards renewable energy and a reduction of CO2 emissions. 

Eva holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Science and before joining KlimaInvest she worked on international projects for the German Development Service in Latin America and the Africa Association of German Business in Hamburg/Africa. Today, she is a member of the RECS International Board and a market expert for green electricity and climate-neutral products for energy suppliers and end customers in Germany. 



Simard, Franck portrait

After having worked 4 years at EDF as an energy efficiency auditor for big industrial customers, Franck has been leading the department for the Energy Transition in the French overseas island of Mayotte between 2016 and 2019. There he published the first Smart Grid Road Map of the local utility company. In 2019, Franck joined the department for optimization and trading (O&T) of EDF (acting as the Balancing Responsible Party for all historical EDF activities in France – supply of ca. 40millions customers and optimization of 56 nuclear reactors, >300 hydropower plants…). Franck is part of the Regulation and Project team. He oversees making the most of the Guarantee of Origin from EDF’s Hydropower plants portfolio (~30TWh), while sourcing the intern supplier for its green offers as well as selling part of the GoOs on the European market, in partnership with EDF Trading. Franck is also leading the EDF project aiming at putting in the market the EDF’s nuclear GoOs as soon as the French regulation will be ready. 


Stappers, Hugo C.  portrait

Mr. Stappers is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing and sales support operations. He joined Hitachi Energy through the acquisition of Pioneer Solutions and is responsible for driving the global Energy Portfolio Management business by determining go-to-market strategies and supporting sales activities and performance. 

Before Hitachi Energy, he was Director of Sales and Marketing EMEA at Pioneer Solutions and responsible for client-related activities including revenue, go-market strategy, and customer satisfaction across Europe and the Middle East/Africa region for the C/ETRM solutions. 

Prior to Pioneer Solutions, he held the position of Director of Sales/Marketing at SoftSmiths, Inc., an ETRM vendor catering to the North American market, based in Houston, Texas. Starting his career after military service in the Dutch Navy, he held sales support positions with Oracle based in Europe and the Middle East. 

Mr. Stappers holds a Bachelor-level diploma from the Institute for Business Administration in the Netherlands and had executive training from Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Management, and IMD Business School. 


Strunski, Delphine  portrait

Delphine Strunski is a Senior Business Developer at EPEX SPOT where she works on developing the Guarantees of Origin market. Delphine started her career working on the emissions market with Orbeo, the previous joint venture of Société Générale and Solvay, before joining Powernext, the European natural gas Exchange, where she served first as a Project Manager / Business Analyst and then as a Business Development Manager, working in various strategic projects. She specializes in wholesale European power, gas, and environmental markets. She holds a master’s degree from Paris-Dauphine University. 


Switten, Liesbeth  portrait

Liesbeth Switten started her career in leading law firms and has been involved in renewable energy certification for over 15 years, both at the Flemish energy regulator and in several roles in the AIB. In 2020 she took over from Phil Moody as secretary-general. Before that, she was AIB’s legal and strategic advisor, she chaired the reorganization of the AIB as well as the professional reviewers’ group, thereby securing the quality assurance of the European Energy Certificate System. 

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) provides the EECStm standard for guarantees of origin (GO) for different energy carriers within Europe, which has been implemented in 28 countries so far, with several more joining in the near future. AIB also operates a European hub for transferring GOs, thereby linking its members, and is this year opening for transfers of gas GOs. 



Tiktak, Roelf portrait

Roelf Tiktak is the Co-Director of VertiCer with extended experience in the gas and oil industry.


Tiller, Fiona  portrait

Fiona Tiller has spent the past twenty years working as a Product Owner across the financial services, payments, and sustainability industries. As CEO of TraceX, Fiona has worked with customers in the US, EU, and APAC markets to define and build a scalable Environmental Commodities marketplace. The TraceX marketplace launched in 2022 in the US. With a focus on product and process optimization, Fiona and her team have digitized many of the over-the-counter REC trading processes that exist in markets today. Before joining Powerledger, Fiona spent 15 years leading retail, corporate and institutional products in the Financial Services industry where she provided customers with the data and tools they needed to optimize the financial performance of their business. Fiona holds a double degree in Finance and Marketing and spends her day working towards innovative solutions that help organizations achieve their RE targets. 


Tuinenburg, Jos portrait

Jos works for the I-REC Standard Foundation as Standard Compliance Manager. He is an expert on the functionality, use, and implementation of attribute tracking schemes such as the Guarantees of Origin (GO), the United States REC, and the International REC Standard (I-REC). Important aspects of his work involve supporting governments, market players, and other stakeholders to build and understand tracking schemes that help businesses with the procurement of renewable energy that is in line with best practices around the world (such as CDP and RE100) in terms of scope 2 reporting. 



Utonih, Selma portrait

Selma leads 3Degree’s European energy and environmental markets-related policy engagement, working directly with regulatory authorities, NGOs, and trade associations to track relevant policy changes impacting corporate sustainability strategies. Her focus is on tracking and analyzing key regulatory changes impacting renewable energy and environmental commodity markets within Europe. Prior to joining 3Degrees, Selma spent almost 3 years at Veyt (previously Greenfact) analysing the market and regulatory fundamentals driving the European green certificate markets, with a special focus on Guarantees of Origin. 

She brings over 6 years of experience in renewable energy and environmental commodities. Selma previously worked as an energy trader at the Namibian power utility Nampower, providing technical and financial market price analysis on commodity markets focused on the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). 


Vanholme, Steven  portrait

Steven Vanholme is Programme Manager of EKOenergy, the global non-profit ecolabel for renewable energy. The label is developed by environmental organisations as a tool to speed up the energy transition. In 2022, the ecolabel was used in 70 countries. 16 of the RE100 companies use EKOenergy to power all or some of their activities.  


Verwimp, Katrien portrait

Building on 20+ years of experience in managing and optimising energy certification systems, Katrien focuses on strengthening cooperation between energy certificate issuers and their stakeholders. 

Katrien is helping the Association of Issuing Bodies, the CertifHy project, the EnergyTag Initiative and individual certificate issuers around the globe to create more transparency in the origin of energy and realize the purpose of their certification system. She leads the program ‘Sector Integration for energy certificates’ in the AIB, under which she led a project that drafted, amongst others, a proposal for the EN16325 standard for Guarantees of Origin (FaSTGO) and a work package in the REGATRACE project regarding Integration of GOs for various energy carriers. 

Before 2020, she coordinated the ‘Origin of energy’ program at VREG, the Belgium-Flanders’ GO issuing body, disclosure supervisory authority and regulator. 

As a coach trained in facilitating systemic transformation, MSc, MBA, Katrien is driven to support the clean energy transition at global scale, strengthening the role of renewable energy in a constantly evolving world. 



von Moos, Louis  portrait

Louis von Moos has a degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) in environmental engineering and a post-graduate degree in economics. He is acting as Managing Director for the Association Energy Certificate System ECS Switzerland https://ecs-schweiz.ch since its start in 2006. ECS Switzerland is coordinating all relevant national stakeholders interested in the topics of energy certificates, guarantees of origin, and disclosure. Before Louis von Moos worked with smaller consulting firms in the energy and climate sector. He is a board member for Switzerland within the RECS International organisation https://recs.org. Switzerland is active in this organisation since late 2002. 


Vrbova, Zuzana portrait

Zuzana Vrbova is a Strategist at ACT Commodities in Amsterdam. Her responsibilities involve working on renewable energy strategies (covering renewable gases and power) and market-based Scope 1 and 2 solutions. Zuzana focuses on developing clean energy procurement pathways for corporate clients, providing guidance on their implementation, and conducting market and product research. Before joining ACT, she worked as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young in the area of energy and CO2 management where she advised clients mainly on renewable energy strategies and financing, and as a Carbon Pricing Advisor within the EU ETS Unit of the Government of the Czech Republic. Zuzana holds a Juris Doctorate degree, her studies focused on carbon taxation and the subsidiarity principle in the EU. 


Vuorela, Joni  portrait

I lead Fortum Green Desk, which is a professional-driven market service provider committed to quality and supporting its customers’ renewable and low-carbon ambitions. We offer Guarantees of Origin management expertise and trading, as well as other related certificates. 


Klimscheffskij, Markus portrait

Markus Klimscheffskij is the CEO of Grexel. He has 15 years of experience in the energy sector and 10 years of experience in energy certification. His personal mission is building a greener economy and helping societies on their path to sustainability. 

Markus has led registry implementation projects as well as worked with countless competent bodies and market actors. He has played a key role in numerous organizations and projects aiming at harmonization of the European energy certificate market including AIB, RE-DISS, and FaStGO. At AIB, he has served as a working group chairperson and professional EECS auditor. 

Markus considers GOs his soft spot because he finds them to be the key puzzle piece between energy policies, markets, and consumers. 


Kildal, Hans Petter portrait

Hans Petter Kildal (HP) has been an active contributor to establishing the European market for Guarantees of Origin. He had a leading role in the Energy Trading & Environment 2020 research project, was a member of the board of the Sustainable Fashion Council, and was an advisor for the UN initiative “The Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform”. He also participated in developing the new Greenhouse Gas protocol scope 2 guidance document. 

HP started working as a power trader at Østfold Energi back in 1999 and has since then held leading international positions in Fortum, Bergen Energi Green Services, and Kinect Energy Group. 


Akoetey-Eyiah, Enam portrait

Enam Akoetey-Eyiah has worked in development, sustainability, and environment for various organisations across the United Kingdom and Africa since 1998. She began her early career working with bamboo and rattan artisans to embed sustainability into their practices whilst working for an American e-commerce social enterprise – Novica.com.  

Enam worked within the Africa policy and programmes department of Christian Aid. She worked on advocacy projects such as Africa-EU Economic Partnership Agreement and hugely successful campaigns such as ‘Trade Justice’ and ‘Make Poverty History’.  

While at the Africa Policy unit, she championed inclusive development by encouraging and initiating partnerships with environmentally and socially driven businesses that did ‘good’ in Africa.  

In 2006 Enam pioneered a carbon asset origination company – reNew. She sold forestry credits in 2008 from the reforestation of 100 hectares of degraded forest. She has planted over 300 hectares of mixed species forest and facilitated the reforestation and enrichment planting of 35,000 hectares.  She developed a tree-tracking and monitoring app. She worked with the Ghana government and the World Bank to replace 6 million incandescent with CFLs to conserve 254MW of peak demand and avert an energy crisis. She also developed a programmatic CDM- CFL4All energy efficiency project.  

As the first Ghanaian woman to start a tree planting initiative, she has successfully equipped communities with inputs to raise over 500,000 seedlings for distribution to schools, communities and agroforestry farms with a target of planting 5 million tree seedlings in ten years in Ghana. She has also worked on the first GHG Protocol – Scope 2 corporate greenhouse gas report in Sub-Saharan Africa.   

She leads the growth and adoption of the I-REC Standard Foundation’s Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) – I-RECs – a robust standard for developing attribute tracking systems that are acknowledged by major reporting frameworks such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), CDP, and RE100 as a reliable backbone for credible and auditable tracking instruments. She is working to leverage existing regional electricity power pools to establish single regional EACs markets across Africa and champion mini I-RECs for distributed and dispersed renewable energy devices to promote energy access, security, and just energy transition and democratise payments from ecosystem benefits.  

 She has advised large multinationals to set, communicate, and report on net-zero and environmental social governance strategies and prepare reports to the UK Government’s PPN/0621, SECR, TCFD and ISO14001.  

Enam has a Master of Science in Development Studies from London Southbank University, an MBA from Canterbury Christchurch University, and is currently studying for an LLM in Energy and Environment at the University of Birmingham.  

Enam has professional qualifications:  

GHG Accounting (Basic and Corporate)  




Dobrovolsky, Oleg portrait

Oleg is the Regional Director for the I-REC Standard Foundation with a focus on stakeholder support and market building in the EAC development for the Middle East & Central Asia. He is facilitating governments, renewable energy producers, and consumers across these regions in the development of voluntary markets and EAC standardization. Oleg is the active lead on the Research & Development and the CDR certification at the I-REC Standard Foundation. He has a track record of market development in his previous engagements within environmental commodity trading. 



Ansone, Ance portrait

Ance Ansone has an energy policy developers background, previously working in the Ministry of Economics of Latvia in the Energy Market and Infrastructure Department as a gas market policy planner. Currently, Ance works as International Project Development Manager in Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus) which is a unified gas transmission system and storage operator in Latvia. Her working field includes high-level regulatory analysis on a national and EU level, and strategic priority identification while developing positions and regulatory proposals, specializing in the biomethane and hydrogen market. She is responsible for implementing the gas guarantee of origins (GO) system in Latvia and currently represents her company in various international organizations such as the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB), and the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).  

AIB provides the EECS standard for GOs for different energy carriers within Europe, which has been implemented in 28 countries so far, with several more joining in the near future. AIB also operates a European hub for transferring GOs, thereby linking its members, and is this year opening for transfers of gas GOs, where Conexus will be one of the participants. 


Arnesson, Daniel portrait

Law and policy specialist with close to a decade of experience working with renewable energy and low-carbon markets throughout the E.U., the U.S., and emerging countries in Africa and Asia. Holds two Masters degrees in law, with focus on development, energy transition, and the environment, and completes a Ph.D. at the University of Oslo on the development of Energy Attribute Certificate markets around the world. 


Arslan, Can portrait

Can is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Foton, the local I-REC(E) Issuer in Turkey. He started his career in corporate credits & internal audit positions in the banking industry, then worked as a power & gas trader in the energy industry. Foton has worked with Energy Web to develop a blockchain-based I-REC platform, which was implemented in 2021. 


Bartlett, Sam portrait

Sam Bartlett is the Director of the Green Hydrogen Standard at the Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2). The Green Hydrogen Standard provides certainty and transparency to investors and other stakeholders that green hydrogen is made with renewable electricity which conforms to the highest standards on emissions, ESG, and sustainable development goals. Prior to joining GH2, Sam was the Technical Director at the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. He is an expert in energy, environment, and climate change policy, with a focus on developing and emerging economies. He has degrees in ecology, demography, and environmental law, and wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on applying environmental economics in strategic environmental assessment. 


Bookless, Alexander portrait

Alex is an expert in the renewable energy industry with over 10 years of experience developing and accrediting a range of renewable energy generation and trading EACs globally. Currently, he is the EAC Global Manager for Climate Impact Partners, responsible for providing advice to, and sourcing EACs for a diverse range of Global corporates, to facilitate them in meeting their goals of offsetting their Scope 2 emissions.    


Braslawsky, Jared portrait

Jared Braslawsky is a leading expert on the use, implementation, and functionality of attribute tracking systems such as the United States REC, European Guarantee of Origin (GO), and the global International REC Standard. His expertise is used by organizations such as RE100 where he is a member of the Technical Working Group. He has participated in workshops, technical meetings, and informational webinars for RE100’s members (with over 200 corporate renewable electricity consumers). He was a key contributor to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) Scope 2 Guidance document and supported the GHGP in organizing workshops to promote the guidance document when it was completed in 2015. 

Jared has played a leading role in the development and growth of the Guarantee of Origin system in Europe through his role as Secretary-General of RECS International. Jared is also the Co-founder and Executive Director of the International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard), a not-for-profit organization for energy attribute tracking standardization that enables the simplified implementation of reliable, traceable REC systems, and national renewable energy markets in adherence with electricity market regulations and best practices worldwide. 



Cai, Wei portrait

Wei Cai is the CEO of GreenPowerHub, which operates one of the largest renewable energy trading networks in Europe, with a wide range of products and services, including Guarantees of Origin (GOs), Elcerts, and I-RECs for over 400 members from more than 40 countries.   

She holds an MBA from HEC Paris, and previously served as the CEO of Greenfact, a leading market intelligence company specializing in renewable energy space.   


Ceder, David portrait

David Ceder joined STX Commodities in 2013 and has over 10 years of experience as a Sales Trader and Manager, covering both the UK and continental European EAC markets. 

Today, David manages the GoO desk at STX, consisting of 40 members of staff across 4 different offices, trading over 350 TWh of EACs annually. 


Chevillard, Naomi portrait

Naomi Chevillard works for SolarPower Europe as a Head of Regulatory Affairs. In this position, she is responsible for the advocacy of the association with regard to the deployment of solar PV, and coordinates the Regulatory Affairs team. Prior to joining SolarPower Europe, Naomi Chevillard has worked for in the Directorate for European Affairs for the French TSO RTE in its Brussels office. She also worked in Paris for the SGAE, the European Affairs secretariat to the Prime Minister, as well as in the offshore wind sector, for Eoliennes en Mer, the consortium gathering ENGIE, EDPR and Caisse des Dépôts. 


Colley, Justin portrait

Justin Colley is the manager of electricity and environmental markets at Argus, focusing on European electricity, compliance carbon and global energy attribute certificates. In his 12 years of employment at Argus, he has led the development of price indexes and analytical content for maturing energy attribute certificate markets, helping bring transparency to opaque markets, as well as overseeing market coverage of the European wholesale electricity industry. Prior to being employed at Argus, Justin produced content for analytical and technical publications in the upstream energy sector. 


Dam, Henrik portrait

Henrik Dam graduated in 1990 an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. He has worked with the European Commission since 2003 in the areas of Renewable Energy, smart grids, active demand, electric vehicles, energy storage technologies, innovation, and SMEs. He is currently a senior expert in DG ENERGY in the unit Decarbonisation and Sustainability of Energy Sources. He deals with both the current and the upcoming EC directive on Renewables with a particular focus on guarantees of origin, certification, consumer information, offshore wind, and Member State achievement of RES targets. 


Das, Sherwin portrait

Sherwin Das is the Managing Director and co-founder of Energy Peace Partners (EPP). At EPP, he has played a key role in developing and launching the Peace Renewable Energy Credit (P-REC), an innovative financing instrument that unlocks new renewable energy investment in countries that are fragile, climate-vulnerable, and energy poor. He has most recently led the development of the P-REC Aggregation Facility to scale up the nascent P-REC market. Before EPP, Sherwin spent more than 10 years with the United Nations facilitating peace processes and conflict prevention and resolution initiatives in fragile and conflict-affected states, including in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans. 


Debay, Ivan portrait

The Founder and CEO of Origo, Ivan Debay is an expert in the domain of Energy Attribute Certificates, especially Guarantees of origin. Origo offers companies clear and direct access to renewable energies, by helping them to track their electricity or gas consumption to renewable energy producers. Each player can freely choose their source of energy, in order to support renewable energies and meet the challenge of the energy transition, by purchasing Guarantees of origin. 



Eccard, Thomas portrait

Thomas has 20+ years of experience in origination, managing, and trading environmental commodities in the European energy and global carbon markets. In Oct 2022 he worked as managing director of the German subsidiary of Arendals Fossekompani- a leading Norwegian industrial owner of energy and 

technology-related companies which enable the transition to a greener economy. Out of this role he currently serves as lead analyst for green power markets in Veyt (formerly Greenfact). Thomas has been a long-time member of the board of RECS Energy Certificate Association (previously, RECS International) and being its chairman since 2018. He holds a law degree and a master’s degree in corporate environmental management and economics. 



Kerr, Connor portrait

Connor is an Australian sustainability specialist with over three years of experience working in renewable energy within the private and public sectors. At the NSW Government, he led the development and implementation of various hydrogen policies and programs supporting the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors. This includes supporting the development of the NSW Hydrogen Strategy and leading targeted initiatives for the Australian transport sector such as delivering Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling corridor between Sydney and Melbourne. At the I-REC Standard Foundation, Connor is supporting the development of a Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin mechanism, the I-REC(H), and advancing the use of I-RECs for electricity in new and existing markets. 



Edel, Matthias portrait

Matthias Edel is the founder and head of Erneuergas, a consultancy firm dedicated to renewable gases. He was Secretary General of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) from March 2021 until December 2022.  

Mr. Edel worked with German Energy Agency GmbH (dena) from 2011 to 2019. Team Leader Bioenergy since 2014, he was responsible for bioenergy activities within the unit, leading national and international projects, campaigns, and initiatives in the renewable energy sector. Also, he was the project director of the Biogasregister Deutschland.  

Before joining dena, he worked for four years as a scientific research associate for the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ) in Leipzig. Mr. Edel studied economics and geography at the University of Mannheim and the University of Heidelberg. 


Everson-Smith, Teresa portrait

Teresa is Evident’s Director of Insight and Markets, overseeing the planning, development, and implementation of strategies and marketing initiatives for the company. Prior to joining Evident, Teresa was Head of Strategy and Communications at a multi-sector sustainability business, responsible for developing and delivering the marketing and communications strategy in collaboration with the CEO and Board of Directors. 

Teresa has over a decade’s experience in marketing, formerly at both The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. She also led projects at HSBC for over 14 years, where she was responsible for the implementation of the bank’s strategy for financial collections (in the UK, India, and Malaysia).  

Teresa holds two Masters degrees: an MSc in Organisation Development and Consultancy from Sheffield Hallam University and a Masters by Research from Leeds Beckett University. 


Farrokhi, Blaise portrait
Always with a smile on his face, Blaise Farrokhi has been working all his career in the energy sector and more specifically in the power market either in finance or sales. Now he is working at the European Energy Exchange on the registry services where he is managing the registry and the auction for the French ministry of energy, representing their interest at the AIB’s working groups and any new market development on the GOs such as the first multilateral EPEX SPOT GOs auction.

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading energy exchange which builds secure, successful and sustainable commodity markets worldwide – together with its customers. As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, it offers contracts on Power, Natural Gas and Emission Allowances as well as Freight and Agricultural Products. EEX also provides registry services for White Certificates, Capacity Certificates and Guarantees of Origin on behalf of the French State, as well as Auctions for Guarantees of Origin.


Fedson, Nicholas portrait

Nick works in CDP’s renewable energy team and is currently focused on CDP’s work on the RE100 initiative. He produces RE100 annual disclosure reports, leads the technical support the initiative provides and is secretary to the RE100 Technical Advisory Group. 


Glumac, Andrew portrait

Andrew Glumac is the Senior Manager for Renewable Energy at CDP and the Chair of the RE100 Technical Advisory Group. He has experience in energy engineering and consulting, specifically with renewable energy project development, energy procurement, energy market analysis, energy management and master planning, and energy efficiency.

Andrew has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, a joint MS in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, École des Mines de Nantes, and the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, and an MBA focused on energy from Technische Universität Berlin.


Goodman, Savannah portrait

Savannah Goodman leads the team that incubates data and software solutions to enable Google and our partners to meet ambitious climate targets. Her ultimate goal is to accelerate system-level decarbonization. In addition to incubating new solutions, her team spearheads technical ecosystem development and thought leadership, as well as drives strategic direction and expertise across Google. She partners with internal teams at Google and with innovative climate tech companies on solutions across a number of pillars, including infrastructure software solutions, carbon data and insights, cloud-based and open-source tools, and technical standards. 


Grays, Sara portrait

Sara Grays joined M-RETS as the Product Manager in July 2022She combines over 7 years of experience in a variety of commercial and regulatory products with an M.P.A. in Non-Profit Administration & Public Policy from Drake University and a J.D. from Mitchell Hamline School of LawWhen Minnesota weather allows, she can be found transforming her yard into a native, pollinator-friendly garden. 


Güngör, Merve portrait

Merve Güngör is the Coordinator for EKOenergy ecolabel. EKOenergy is an independent, nonprofit ecolabel for renewable energy that is available in more than 30 countries. Merve’s focus is on promoting renewable energy and the use of EKOenergy labelled electricity, especially in East Asia. She closely observes developing renewable energy markets outside Europe. 

Before joining EKOenergy in 2016, Merve completed traineeships at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Subregional Office (ESCAP-ENEA) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). Merve has a master’s degree from Zhejiang University in China. 


Herrera Vergara, Benjamin portrait

Benjamin is Regional Director, Latin America for the I-REC Standard Foundation, supporting market players from Mexico to Chile and Argentina. He is an electricity market professional with 15 years of experience advising investors, utilities, regulators, and multilateral entities. Benjamin holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Chile and a master’s in finance from Cambridge University. 


Holm, Peter portrait

Peter Holm has been working with and trading certificates for more than 10 years. Power GOs, Biomethane GOs, REGOs, RGGOs, ROCs, VERs/CERs, etc. Peter specializes in maximizing the certificate value for the producers. 


Istvánffy, György portrait

György Istvánffy is working today as Director of Markets at HUPX Hungarian Power Exchange. György joined HUPX in 2012 and he is currently responsible for the introduction of new products or market segments at HUPX as well as overseeing market operations and surveillance activities. He was project manager on the introduction of HUDEX derivative energy exchange under the then new MiFID II regulation. György is also a member of the board of directors at HUDEX. He took part in different working groups of international market coupling projects working on the creation of EU’s internal energy market on the day-ahead and intraday timeframe. György graduated in Economics and got involved in the energy sector during his 5 years at KPMG energy and utilities advisory practice where he took part in various project types ranging from market studies to due diligence including also business process reengineering and regulatory projects. 


Jones, Mary portrait

Mary is GCC’s Director of Operations. An expert in operations, Mary has a career of nearly 30 years in process management, mentoring, administration, recruitment, and customer service. 

Mary’s career, which encompasses both private and public sector experience (including local government, further and higher education), most notably includes being Branch Administrator in Sheffield for Premier People, one of the country’s leading suppliers of high-quality temporary and permanent staff. Mary joined Evident in 2019 and has been instrumental in helping the business to grow and develop during its global expansion. 


Kang, Jen-Wee portrait

Jen-Wee is an industry veteran in the renewable sector, with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry and 15 years of deep understanding of the entire Solar value chain, assuming Sales/Business development roles from upstream equipment makers (Applied Materials) to downstream project development and electricity retailing (REC Solar). He founded REDEX (formally T-RECs.ai) in 2018, after seeing the gap between corporate RE buyers and RE generators, particularly in Asia. A long-term RE corporate power purchase agreement is not readily available and Renewable Energy Certificates (or RECs) are the only feasible and most efficient and impactful option to achieve their Scope 2 neutral goal. Jen Wee is building the necessary IT infrastructure for an ESG-focused world. His flagship product, REHash, is on its way to becoming Asia’s largest RECs marketplace, providing price transparency for RECs across 9 countries. 


Emily Kennedy is Manager, Renewable Certificate Schemes in the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water. The team has policy responsibility for Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and the development of a renewables certification framework under Australia’s proposed Guarantee of Origin scheme and for economy-wide use. Emily has previously worked in a range of energy policy roles for the Australian Government, including in distributed energy integration and demand management, network regulation, critical infrastructure protection, renewable energy technology development and deployment, and energy efficiency. Emily has bachelor’s degrees in economics and public policy and management and a master’s degree in energy studies. 


White, Adam portrait

Adam White is the Secretary-General of RECS Energy Certificate Association, a non-profit foundation representing the user of energy attribute certificates including renewable energy producers, traders, and consumers. As RECS’ Secretary-General, Adam works to: 

  • Give organizations and individuals the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to buy 100% renewable energy; 
  • Advocate for the development and implementation of legislation that supports and encourages renewable energy procurement, and; 
  • Guide RECS’s strategic development and manage the planning and delivery of its programs and activities 

Before joining RECS Adam worked for the WWF European Policy Office as Senior Research Coordinator on Climate and Energy, and before coming to Brussels Adam worked as a researcher for elected members of the UK Parliament and the London Assembly.