The full RMM programme now available online

The full REC Market Meeting programme is now available online. In 2021 the focus of the REC Market Meeting will be on Accelerating renewable demand. There is no question that EAC systems established using recognised standards allow end-users to efficiently choose the type of energy they wish to consume. The challenge is: how can we encourage more consumers to make that positive choice? Our main aim at this conference is to provide the knowledge, motivation, and confidence that they need to choose renewables.

The conference will be organised as a mixture of plenary and parallel sessions. In each of the sessions, we will be asking a simple question: ‘How does this topic help to accelerate renewable demand?’ In the parallel sessions we offer three tracks, making this conference attractive for experts and novices alike.

The systems track (A-sessions) offers technical insights into how EAC systems operate, along with topics related to market guidance and market information. The country track (B-sessions) offers valuable insights from specific countries, including significant developments that can help to boost progress elsewhere. The introduction track (C-sessions) offers more basic information on how EACs work and why they are needed. This track is tailored to those new to the market, such as new colleagues of long-time REC Market Meeting participants.

Details about the speakers at the various sessions will be provided in Q2 of 2021.