Special three-track parallel programme

Returning delegates, who are familiar with our multi-faceted programme, can expect to be offered the same rich content as they have enjoyed over the past decade. Our sessions will provide the latest market information, brought to you by experts in their field.

After the plenary opening session, you will be able to choose from a wide range of parallel sessions. These will be split into various tracks.

Track A: Developing EAC systems 
Examining what is happening at the core of EAC systems, with a focus on crucial new developments such as full disclosure, time stamping, and the certification of all energy carriers, including hydrogen. 

Track B: exploring EAC markets
Highlighting market developments in various countries and regions, including the impact of Brexit, demand for renewables in Asia, and the important role of EAC standards in markets around the world. 

Track C: introducing EAC markets
Offering those who are new to renewable-energy markets and energy-attribute tracking an introduction to everything they need to know to succeed in this complex and competitive sector. These sessions are created in collaboration with our supporting association EKOenergy. 

For the full programme go to: www.recmarket.eu/programme.

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