Overview of the conference sessions

You can expect to receive all the latest information on renewable energy markets at our 2021 Market Meeting. A range of expert speakers will cover the following topics:

Tuesday 30 November

  • Can markets perform better than energy policy in accelerating demand and thus delivering climate and energy targets?
  • Procurement models: from single trades to PPAs – how different contracts can accelerate demand.
  • EAC standards around the world: benefits and differences.
  • An introduction to the basic elements of attribute-tracking systems.
  • How full disclosure can accelerate demand for renewables and help cut emissions.
  • The post-Brexit world.
  • An introduction to why consumers use energy-attribute certificates (EACs) and environmental reporting.
  • Certification of hydrogen as well as other non-fossil-fuel-based gases.
  • Limited supply, high demand – the Singaporean Renewable Energy market.
  • An introduction to energy-attribute tracking in Europe – legislation, data, and new developments.
  • Can EACs reduce the impact of price cannibalisation in relation to renewables?

Wednesday 1 December

  • Market developments: volumes and prices.
  • EACs beyond Europe's eastern border.
  • An introduction to reporting energy consumption by CDP – part of the We Mean Business campaign and RE100.
  • Time stamping: how can it help accelerate demand for renewables?
  • GO developments in Germany – Europe's biggest economy.
  • EAC standards that support the energy transition and climate action.
  • The need for standards in EAC markets.

For the full programme, including the pre-conference sessions and session descriptions, please go to www.recmarket.eu/programme.

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