Agder Energi is the Platinum Sponsor for the REC Market Meeting 2021

We’re extremely pleased to have Agder Energi as our platinum sponsor.

Agder Energi's mission to provide clean energy for a sustainable society, now and in the future neatly matches the goals of the REC Market Meeting conference.

Agder Energi works towards this mission by operating 49 hydro-power stations, which produce 8.1 TWh of environmentally friendly electricity year on year. Through their Energy Management and Trading division they manage 35+ TWh of Guarantees or Origin per annum and have contracted more than 2.3 GW of long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the European market alone. Agder Energi has also recently entered new green value chains by establishing partnerships in sustainable battery-cell production, as well as developing offshore wind and green hydrogen projects.

While Agder Energi is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway and has physical activities across the Nordic countries and Germany, their energy-attribute certificate (EAC) operations are global.

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We’re very excited to be working with Agder Energi in the months ahead on organising what we anticipate will be a highly successful 10th edition of our conference.

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