Pre-conference workshops on 11 March 2019

Building on successful events in previous years, we have scheduled three pre-conference workshops on 11 March 2019, from 14.00 to 16.30.

Separate registration is required for these sessions. The topics are:

  • Reliably tracked electricity: an introduction to EACs and global reporting standards: In this pre-conference, we briefly introduce the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance and explain how standards such as ISO and GRI and organisations such as CDP implement the Scope 2 Guidance in their own texts and surveys. The session will give you essential information that you can use to prove the origin of grid electricity. You will learn about cancellation/redemption procedures, the role of local issuers, the ’same market principle’, vintage, residual mix and other related issues.
  • Legal workshop: this workshop will introduce the relevant tracking systems, national legal frameworks, as well as purchase and trade agreements. Clear, non-technical explanations will enable participants with limited knowledge of legal jargon to participate.
  • Introduction to the I-REC Standard: The International REC Standard (I-REC Standard) is a non-profit organisation that delivers an attribute tracking standard for use by national issuers around the world. The I-REC Standard provides a robust, transparent system, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to best practices designed to avoid double counting, double certificate issuance and double attribute claiming. This session will give you an overview of fast developing renewable-energy markets. How the standard works and its implications for national markets will also be reviewed. The workshop is intended for those interested in market development, international renewables sourcing and international REC policy development.

More detailed information about the pre-conference workshops will be published on the conference website in December. The fee for these workshops is €325. A maximum of 30 people may register for each workshop.